About Bloom and Grow Nutrition

Hi there. I'm Camille Freeman, owner of Bloom and Grown Nutrition. I offer weight loss counseling and nutritional support for people who are ready to conceive.

If you're not entirely sure that it's possible for you to lose weight, but you really want to give it a try so that you can improve your fertility, I'm your girl. 

You can definitely do this. 

Camille Freeman fertility nutritionist

What I Believe

I believe losing weight is possible, and it's worth it.

Is it going to be easy? No, probably not. 

But will it be worth it? Yes. No question.

If you haven't succeeded in the past, it's probably because the things that you've tried just aren't sustainable in the long run. Most diets and weight-loss plans don't help you change the reasons you're overeating. The studies are clear that these types of diets aren't very effective, and even when they are the weight tends to come right back after a few years.

In my online course and in my private nutrition counseling, I rely on practical and evidence-based strategies that can change your relationship with food and with your body for good.

I teach a six-step program based on the principles of mindful eating, accountability, and support. We'll make sure that you're covering your fertility bases when it comes to what to eat, but our focus is going to be on revamping how and why you eat.

My Story

I've been a licensed nutritionist since 2006, specializing in providing nutrition support for people who are trying to conceive. I've worked in a large fertility clinic, an Ob/GYN office, and in private practice. 

Over the years, I began to notice that diet and supplements could only take my clients so far. Without changing underlying behaviors and thoughts about food and eating, it was difficult to truly make progress when it came to addressing things like PCOS, weight issues, or even unexplained infertility. 

So, I developed a method of nutrition counseling that included both the normal type of advice that you might expect from a nutritionist - specific foods to include or avoid, advice about supplements, etc. - and support around changing behaviors and thoughts that cause overeating in the first place. 

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More bits and pieces...

In addition to my work as a nutritionist, I am a full professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach courses in physiology, pathophysiology and mindful eating to students in master's-level nutrition programs. 

I have an undergraduate degree from Rice University, and master's degrees from the Tai Sophia Institute and Georgetown University. I am currently pursuing my doctorate in clinical nutrition. 

I live in Staunton, VA with my partner and our two children. I enjoy messing around in the kitchen, planting flowers in every nook and cranny, and listening to podcasts. (Ask me about my favorites!)

But enough about me!

Are you ready to give this a shot? Come see me in the clinic - I offer phone and virtual consults if you can't make it to Staunton, VA - or get on the waiting list for my online course The Six-Step Fertility Weight-Loss Program.